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  • Hello everyone, after contacting EA support for my issue I’m having they suggested after summarizing what they did or in my own opinion didn’t do to help, that since I have an in game issue to post it here. I’ve got about 8 different quests going and the one I wanted to know about is how to get Miss Hoover and the fudge factory unlocked? I read somewhere that I thought Skinner was the trigger to start the mission/quest. My question is what character/mission starts the quest to unlock Miss Hoover as I’m currently level 42 and haven’t seen anything in game for unlocking the Miss Hoover. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this also.
  • Hi, welcome to the forum. It would have been more appropriate to start a new thread, as this thread is for a completely different issue, but I will try and help here :)
    Building prices and build times listed below.NOTE: You may not receive quest lines for buildings in the order listed.
    Buildings in BLUE are for squidport, RED are for Krustyland, YELLOW do not have a task to build them and GREEN require Springfield Heights materials.
    Quests for buildings will not unlock until prerequisite quest lines have been completed. Event related quests may take precedence over main quest lines. Levels shown are the minimum XP level ( game level ) required.
    Miss Hoover is unlocked during the level 40 quest line. You need to have built all the primary buildings for preceding levels for it to trigger. Have you built Sanjay’s (level 39) or the Courthouse (level 38)? If you have, how many quests do you have in total in your task book and what are the names of those tasks?
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  • So just by looking at the chart shown I don’t remember why I hadn’t built Sanjay’s house. Also the instructions given to me initially by EA support were extremely vague and all the agent did was gave me a general link to the user forums. So, my bad if I posted my dilemma in the wrong location. Thanks again for the assistance
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