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My spring cleaning lasted into summer, and now my town is all spiffed up. I would like to showcase my town, but I really don't want to take hundreds of screen shots. Then try and stitch them all together.

I certainly wish that there was an easy way to capture and display an entire town. So my alternative is to hold an open house. By this I mean, I will accept neighbor requests. Come and visit, but don't expect to stay, as I'm not looking for permanent neighbors.
My town 5/13/20: https://i.imgur.com/GHOIICG.jpg. I accept most neighbor requests.


  • I think this is a clever idea. Make a thread and invite people to friend you. Delete them after a designated time 72hrs, one week). People then can post pics in your thread about their favorite or least favorite parts of your town.

    I know I've been wanting, but far too lazy to make, a overview of my SF.
  • Excellent idea, I don't really like the stitched-together pics. I would love to be your short-term neighbour and see what you have done! Request sent.
  • Hey Razor, LOVE your Springfield!
  • Razor049
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    Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

    I should have given a description of my town in the first post. But sense I didn't, I put one here.
    • I consider my design style to be organized realism (yes, I know its a cartoon).
    • I have all available land, while not all of it is in use.
    • I don't have house or KEM farms. I do convert IGC to donuts via rat trap trucks.
    • Most Heights buildings are in storage, along with additional items that have about 200% in bonus.
    • Three years of content and my item count is just under 8000.
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    My town 5/13/20: https://i.imgur.com/GHOIICG.jpg. I accept most neighbor requests.
  • Hi Razor, I've invited you to be a short term friend or longer, does not matter, just to have look.
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