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Collect MORE $$ and XP when visiting your Neighbor's Springfields.

So I've discovered a way to collect more $ and XP at each of your Neighbor's Towns. You can Tap more than 3 times at each of your Neighbor's Springfield Towns when visiting.

Here's what you do:

Apparently the Mop (for cleaning up graffiti) has a bit of a lag on registering the Tap when activated, giving you a split second to tap elsewhere.

Tap on 2 things to collect $$ and XP and then QUICKLY Tap on as many mops as you can. I've done this many times in the last two days of visiting and it works every time if done swiftly enough. You'll see if you tap on 3 things, every collectable icon disappears, but the mop sticks around a bit longer before disappearing. I've gotten up to 6 taps in a town with all the Mop-able buildings close enough together to tap all before the first mop registers the 3rd tap.

It doesn't seem to work when Spraying Graffiti, only when Mopping it up. Maybe it's an intentional lag built in for good Nieghboreenos to help clean other Springfield. Either way, it's pretty sweet to earn more than usual every 24 hrs.
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