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Lost some land!?! HELP!!

Frank, this has happened to many, many people!

This is one of the most prevalent bugs in the game unfortunately. It has happened to me as well. I placed numerous requests through various means asking to have my situation fixed (or even simply looked at)... nothing happens.

Eventually I just bit the bullet and spent all my cash on buying back the land which had been "vaporized". I deleted and re-installed all of the screwed up roads, cement, and water (I was not missing any buildings luckily) and went back to life as normal... Except for now I am very poor!

Unless anyone else maybe has a less bank-busting solution?



  • FrankOcean48
    43 posts
    edited March 2012

    Yea I know, and I did the same thing.. I bought all my missing land back BUT... as mentioned in another post, i've also lost like 5 levels ****!

    Still got Moes tavern, java server and all that (which you gotta be lvl 15 to get), but now i'm freaking level 10 (11) now!!
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