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Magnifying glass

I suppose it's something to look forward to when you've reached max level and no longer have anything to build.


  • forestdf
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    edited March 2013
    just wait till they release the monorail.

  • sk3ly
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    edited March 2013
    Cleric42 wrote:
    I suppose it's something to look forward to when you've reached max level and no longer have anything to build.

    exactly right!! ive been playing for a while now and my town pays out around $220k per day now - im skint so this will now be my target to save for it over the next couple of weeks - keeps me coming back every day - EA are nobodys fools huh?
  • leafs45
    17 posts
    edited March 2013
    I'm at 1.4 million so few more weeks then I can get the mag,glass i got the esc and the pop,tower no cheats here
  • XBL-Heretic
    1228 posts Member
    edited March 2013
    There are no in-game cheats I'm aware of to get unlimited money. There was a "friend glitch" a couple months back that some (including myself) used a couple times, but EA has since fixed that. For me, that glitch simply sped up the inevitable by a month or so.

    If you're a premium player, like me, you get to the point where you've purchased everything, have many premium items, all the characters, and as a result have a very large payout bonus. My bonus is just under 200% now. I've stopped grinding short tasks since the end of the V-day update. I'm running all 12 or 24 hour tasks (except a couple 8 hour tasks that I enjoy watching like Smither's Whip It task), and my SF still generates about $120k per day.

    In the end, it has more to do with how you play and how long you've been playing than cheating.
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  • PlacentaSandwich
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    edited March 2013
  • EvansAunt
    21 posts
    edited March 2013
    There ARE cheats where people do some stuff and get unlimited money, you can find it all on Youtube. I'm not interested in all that, seems like it would take away the fun of it. And I don't mean the visiting friends glitch that used to exist or anything like that. but where's the fun in buying everything in a few minutes and then having nothing to do?

    I get the point about giving players something to look forward to and save up for when we have everything else built. I guess i am in that boat but it still takes SO long to save p, then a new update comes out and there's more to buy. But that's a great point. More for the hardcore players to work for. Thank you.
  • robbalvey
    20 posts
    edited March 2013
    EvansAunt wrote:
    Why do they have to have items that cost literally millions when not all of us "cheat" or do anything to get unlimited money!?!?!

    I don't cheat and I haven't had any problem collecting cash and buying the first two "million dollar" items.

    I guess you're just doing it wrong?
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