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Returning from the exile of my Android Game....

Good Morning everyone! I finally have my new iPad 128GB, so I am catching up on my Springfield. I tried to keep up on my iPhone to make sure I made it through the Valentine's and Grampa Quests...

But my biggest disappointment was the Android version of the game. I have a new town over there, and I have no one to visit. But most importantly, they are not offering all the same storylines, I can understand the point of not bothering with Valentine's Day quests, because you don't have the ability to get or visit friends, and its is not integrated with Origin. So I was sad that I wont have those decorations. There are some updates that are downloading now, so I hope they have the *. Patrick's Day stuff in this one. *The updates were related to *. Patrick's Day* Yeah!

I am glad to be back, and I like what a lot of you have done with your towns, now that I can see them! (LOL)
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