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iPhone/ipad users: Call iTunes customer support!

I haven't had the harp issue (yet...fingers crossed) but EA customer support is seemingly a joke. So, those who have spent hard earned dollars and still can't play, forget EA. Contact iTunes for a refund. You'll need to have all of your receipts/order numbers (can be found in iTunes under 'account' on your computer). They are very helpful and will typically refund your money without hassle, especially if you tell them about this ongoing problem. I had an issue with another game thats similar to this, in that, the game became unplayable. I had a full refund in two days. So, stop posting here as it falls on deaf ears. Contact iTunes. [email protected]

In the end, Apple keeps their share of the money so it's all coming back out of EA's pockets. Maybe a hit to the coin purse (no pun intended) will make them wake up some.
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