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Same thing happened to me this morning gone from level 14 back to level 9 all money,doughnuts and XP all gone was ready to head for level 15. Had just gone in to collect from friends when game jammed and allowed me to use there login tried getting back to mine but sent mine back to 9 and half my town is blacked out unable to do anything now.

WHat do we do now invested lot of money and time and now can't do anything


  • FrankOcean48
    43 posts
    edited March 2012

    Yea, that's EXACTLY what happened to me!
    I've contacted EA, but surprise, their only answer is; to wait and be patient - ****, i mean... This problem isn't THAT hard to handle ****.... Why don't they make a GM just to give us our levels back? I mean.. We got the buildings to prove, that we aren't lying.. but yea..

    Nothing to do until EA some day hopefully decide to do something...
  • Dnaevolva
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    edited March 2012
    Same thing here, from 13 to 9, willies shack disappeared but cant repeat this quest and moving objects is impossible, i had spent real money on getting up a few lvl and now...thanks a lot and you do NOTHING!!! There is no news since two weeks almost!!
    Guess i gotta quit cause thats * how EA ACTS HERE
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