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Missing Update

I can't help but feel that we are missing the Lenny and Karl update.

The files are there (although nothing new, files are always there before an update), and Lisa has a task visible for the Buddha temple. Although at first I thought this was a glitch, I now feel that we should have had the update before the * Paddys update.

My reasoning, the task Drink At O'Flannigans Pub requires 12 characters. I have every character and I have 10, and have to resend 2 at the end. Wouldn't it make sense for the other barflies to be the remaining 2.

Somewhere along the line, I feel EA or Apple forgot to publish the update, and so it has been pushed back.


It's a very interesting theory and the point you make about missing 2 does make sense although I'm not majorly bothered if it has been pushed back as the longer we wait for updates the longer the game lasts!


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