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My Springfield just went nuts.. and I love it. (WE NEED AN "ON" switch) ATTN: Neighbors!

Well this has not happened in a long time but for some reason tonight my SF went on full animation.. (it used to happen every couple of weeks but I've not seen it in ages) The gingerbread tennis court is in full effect.. the squishy is bouncing, The pizza place is blowing it's load.. even the manger is doing it's thing!(none of these have anyone in them)

It's been so long since I've seen this I thought they "fixed" it. :/

I have everything in the game and it's just fun to scroll around and look.. it really makes me appreciate the detail and how much is really wasted by not being able to do this at will.. (on the other hand maybe that would make this less "special") I am wondering if my neighbors can see this as well?

I REALLY wish we had a switch to make this happen.. it is REALLY cool!

We need this in game!


  • spritals148
    1973 posts Member
    I love it when it does that, I remember the first time it happened for my town was at the same time we got the gargoyle statues. I didn't even realize they stood up till then! Now I tap everything I put down just in case it does something too!
    I would love an on/off switch too, like they did with the spy stuff. I've had all that going on since then :)
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • I went back in to do a recording and everything is back to normal. :(

    I did get this Screenshot from when I first went in though...


    We *really* need this!
  • I agree! It breaks my heart to log on and see animations I've never known were there but usually it's just a city block or two. Like you, I put gargoyles all around my Parisian district and one day they were all standing up and down and I almost squealed! I've never understood why it only happens sometimes and no matter how hard I try to get Wiseguy to "work a clerk shift" he only works the same few buildings unless I store everything but where I want him to go.
    It looks amazing and the detail is exceptional when it is all animated and I agree we need an ON and OFF button, like with the spy animations. And while we are at it why not be able to tap a building to send Wiseguy to work instead of him randomly choosing the least animated place for 10 hours?
    I can dream can't I? lol
  • It's awesome when it to randomly activate the animations of those buildings that are difficult to animate and so rarely seen although some have absolutely fantastic effect that is such a waste of the programmers time and effort, it would be superb if they released something like the plunger that turns on building animation even if it's only a temporary activation for a certain amount of time, I'd buy such a device.
  • I've been asking for it for a while now. I think the programmers have it down as number 68 on their "things to do" List. It's in between having a variable speed track to speed up or slow down or stop the monorail and bringing back all the casino games.
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again - the buildings should all become animated for a short while when we collect rent from them.

    An on/off switch like the Christmas decorations plunger would be great too.
  • Might sound funny but perhaps they fear it would lag up people's devices? Even "accidental" clicks and get disgruntled customers?
  • Razor049
    170 posts Member
    I wouldn't mind having an NPC that would activate the animations, within a set radius, as it wanders the streets of Springfield.
    My town 5/13/20: https://i.imgur.com/GHOIICG.jpg. I accept most neighbor requests.
  • Razor049 wrote: »
    I wouldn't mind having an NPC that would activate the animations, within a set radius, as it wanders the streets of Springfield.

    Can hear all the complaints already about how the NPC gets stuck on dirt or something like so that it never reached certain areas of Springfield lol :)
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