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Illegitimate Concern pt 2

rds257 wrote:
I know i posted this before and i know some of you tried to help me but im still stuck and Ea still hasnt helped and im still cant get past this task. i have a huge town lots of money im at level 26 but i can not get past Illegitimate Concern pt 2 i made Ms. Krabappel host detention but now i cant get bart to serve detention ive tried everything i have went back and tried the walk through ive contacted EA (with no help mind you ) i just don't know what to do this is not letting me unlock channel 6 or move on with the game. All they need to do is make detention as one of Bart's task

any help would be great I'm at a loss

Did you try storing Bart's treehouse or the Krabapple Apartments? When you store a characters associated building then bring it back it might reset whatever is going wrong. Just a thought.


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