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Akira & Happy Sumo

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Are you still able to stall the quest line to get a premium 1 hr task for Springfielders? I know they auto completed it for those who did at one point, but if I buy it from the vault, will I be able to get that task? Anyone buy Akira since then?
Missing Character: The Barbarian


  • I got him last week and can confirm that it doesn't work. Try the she she lounge for a premium 4 hour task instead
  • wiedmannaj
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    That blows. What happens, does the task disappear or does it just not go to the top, so you can't use it with the unemployment office? I already got the steel mill, so I'm set on 4 hr tasks. I wanted a 1 hr. I might still get him once I reach 100 donuts in my secondary town, because 75 for a premium character plus building is still pretty good, but this makes me sad.
    Missing Character: The Barbarian
  • It goes away. get him. It's a fun character
  • Does Akira still make the Bonsai trees?
  • 168sean168
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    Does Akira still make the Bonsai trees?

    Yes. I think 3 x 12 hrs tasks will get you a bonsai
  • TheJuiceLoosener
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    edited July 2017
    Akira is a classic and The Happy Sumo's animation when is use is really nice. Plus, I'm really glad that Sakatumi no longer has to "eat away his sadness" at the brown house because doing so at the brown house somehow makes it extra, extra sad.
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