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Ultimate Farming Guide (and an F you to EA!)

I thought this would be farming in terms of bonus levels for donuts. When you get to level 26 and can avail of bonus level donuts, then use your farms as a way of extrapolating as much xp as possible to keep gaining bonus levels. Also, if you keep building mass amounts of money, you can buy items or houses which give you a significant amount of xp (assuming you don't need the money for anything else), and you can just keep buying and selling back, collecting the xp and going up bonus levels and getting donuts. It's still a slow enough process but a lot faster than 2 years.


  • afrokula777
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    I think it is easier to spend 100$ for 2400 donut then spend 2 years of your life going crazy...
    Does your life worth less then 100$?

    But that is * that you have lost your town including seasonal and temporary stuff..
    I hope It won't happen to me as I've bought donuts
  • KrustyBrand
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    I've been playing TSTO since last November. I invested hours into the Xmas update, accumulating all the goodies on offer and amassing a shed load of santa coins I was gradually turning into sweet sweet donuts.

    Then disaster struck; my game was lost like so many others and I was forced to start over again, from level 21 right back down to level 1. I did the donut maths and figured out I'd have to spend somewhere in the region of £40 to get all the premium stuff I had legitimately earned through hours of game play.

    Like most others EA showed little to no concern or help with my beloved lost Springfield. The heartless ****.

    After a week of waiting I decided that I'd start again, only this time I'd forgo meticulous town planning and pride in my vision of Springfield, and I would farm - I would use every tiny pixel of land to its maximum efficiency and commit myself to a life of grinding.

    I know farming is frowned upon by some, and I can't wait til I can "retire" and arrange all of the goodies I've amassed into a beautiful Utopian Springfield! Until then though I am beating EA at their own game and getting all the stuff that would cost you hundreds of pounds/dollars for FREE!

    My job is insanely boring, so I've used my time "constructively" and I've read all the stuff on here about which houses are best and the money-yeilds etc, but nobody has taken space and house size into consideration. I've worked out how many of each type of house fits, per square of land. Some houses leave space left over, so I understand that over a bigger farming space some of the larger houses, will bring in more cash than I've calculated, but you can use this as a rule of thumb.

    I've worked this out for a 24 hour time span, so that all the varying turnover time for the houses is equal (some taking 3, 6, 8 hours, etc).

    Here goes...

    PURPLE HOUSE - $75/7xp every 3hrs - 4 houses per square over 24hrs = $2400/224xp

    PINK HOUSE - $110/11xp every 6hrs - 6 houses per sq. over 24hrs = $2640/264xp

    BLUE HOUSE - $150/13xp every 8 hrs - 8 houses per sq. over 24hrs = $3600/312xp

    WHITE HOUSE - $200/20xp every 12 hours -10 houses per sq. over 24hrs = $4000/400xp

    Brown houses are a different beast because they require a serious and steady amount of time and patience to continually collect the cash, but for the sake of thoroughness...

    BROWN HOUSE - $6/1xp every 5 mins - 6 houses per sqr. - 24hrs = $10368/1728xp

    Clearly more, but to match the yield from a square of white houses you'd need to put in 9 hours of collecting over a day. That's 108 separate collections!

    If you take sleep into consideration too, that's around 6-9 hours on average that you wont be collecting so you can shave some $$$ off the PINK and PURPLE houses, BLUE and WHITE are largely unaffected.

    I know the houses vary in price, and the white houses are very expensive, so the blue are probably the best bet overall, but whichever you choose you need to look at them as an investment, because farming is a long term game.

    I've earmarked 156 squares of the map for farming white houses. That's approximately 1560 house collecting an approx grand total of $624000/62400xp a day (which doesn't take into consideration my bonus % or the houses that will fit into the accumulative space left from each individual square).

    All of this means that I'll be levelling up every day/day and a half, so I'll have enough donuts to buy all the premium stuff somewhere in the region of...

    500 to 666 days. So almost 2 years.

    Yeah! Screw you EA! Who's winning now!

    Happy farming people. Hopefully this'll help some of you make a slightly more informed decision with your Springfields.

    Be excellent to each other!

    I'm not sure that by following this strategy you're "beating EA at their own game", as you put it. After all, they do already have your money from your first town. My response would be this: If house farming enhances whatever enjoyment you can squeeze out this game, then go for it. If, on the other hand, you're doing this merely to fulfill some weird desire to "get back at" EA, then maybe you're better off just walking away from the game.
  • A_Bad_Exampl3
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    I soul say his thread needs a sarcasm detector.

    But, if I did this, every donut that came in would go towards a white fence. Once you have 200 of those, start getting the characters and buildings. Could get 3 donuts a day easy, doing this and accrue a lot of he stuff by time game was caught up with story line.

    If you have time to harvest 4 times a day, pink houses. Otherwise blue.

    And 150 brown for those times when you need something mindless to do. That is about the max you can tap before they start generating again.
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