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What is your least favorite thing about TSTO?


  • How much time you got?
    I dont want to repeat what everyone has said but at some point i'll have to.

    1. Item placement. A large number of items (KEM, for example) have a tendency to let themselves be placed wherever, yes manners exist to force these items to be placed within a linear fashion, but only certain items like fences or walls will do this naturally. This is irritating when you want to use a large number of these items , especially if you want them in a row.

    2. Scaling. Part 1 of the big three, scaling causes unrealistic sizes on certain buildings/items a door is too big or too small, some buildings look like "a center for ants" whilst others look like a boardroom for gorillas ( i'm looking at you SH, a tad more realistic, but darn) minor annoyance yes, but when combined with the other two...

    3. Footprint. the 2nd of the big three, ever had a building that was one pixel too wide? ever needed an extra pixel? the footprint of an item can be classified by lenght X Width and almost all items have a square or rectangle footprint, no items have an L or otherwise non-four sided footprint whose area can not hold squares within a certain degree. or something. Lets go with something.
    Listen, you want to connect the monorail from SH to SF? Your going to need an extra pixel. Trust me i've done it and it IS very annoying, this is all because of the footprint of the rails themselves Regular Rail 4x2 Small Rail 2x2 S-Rail 4x4 Curve Rail 4x4
    The Monorail tunnel leading to and from SH? the interior causes a displacement by exactly one pixel, not much of an issue in theory but this requires movement of tracks on both ends (not to mention the actual size of the tunnel and the placement of the track within the tunnels). With the smallest track being 2 pixels the odd number offset will be annoying for most builders (especially if you want the track to run in a linear fashion) By itself it is annoying but with the other two...

    4. Dimensions. Ah yes dimensions, not of the multi kind the fancy word for size. The final and slightly annoying problem, so you want to place a road leading up to a building that has that "In-built" road aesthetic. yeah good luck with that, i'll use the General Hospital for this one, it has that in built road within the sides however the dimensions of the road attached are much smaller than the actual road, the size of the hospital itself means that the road will converge on one side or the other. A specific placement of this building can allow both sides to converge upon the road, but this limits creativity. Many buildings may have a size that is cause issue with the Pavement,Dirt or other tiles that can or may run underneath it. Annoying in and of itself but with the other two it simply becomes infuriating, you want to place something somewhere? For starters the building size makes it look like the ambulance will lose it's top half if it tries to drive underneath it, 2nd the footprint causes you to take measures to prevent certain buildings from being around it you may want to put it in the center but because roads and pavement can only be placed in specific areas placing it there means the road will be one pixel off, and putting pavement under that will make it look sloppy because the pavement is too big. Then you cant rearrange the building because the size of the building will interrupt whatever flowers you want to place around the area.

    5. Tiles.
    Lightly talked about in the previous part. they can be placed anywhere but not everywhere, catch my drift? Probably not. Most items can be placed anywhere as long as there is enough space underneath it. Tiles function differently, they take 4x4 space and they can be placed anywhere but its more of a bingo kinda thing. Example:
    B1 and B2 are tiles of squares, each contain 4x4 pixels and are next to each other for a grand total of 8x4 pixels. if you wanted to place an item that has 4x4 dimensions you could place them in B1 or B2 or the third option which is in between both pixels (or at the very least overlapping the two). Land Tiles work differently, choose either B1, B2 or both, but you can not place them in between those two areas so that it overlaps both, yes it has the right dimensions but the game simply doesnt allow it. Slightly annoying.

    6. Neighbor reset time, i'd like a static reset time is that too much to ask for? 24 hours means the clock will begin after the first tap is made, perhaps i tapped last night at 10:30 P.M., my next reset will be 24 hours from then, but lets say i fall asleep at 10:00 P.M. and dont wake up until the next morning at around 5:00 A.M. and then tap. congratulations dummy now you have to wait another 24 hours for the reset, for me this can go on and on until i reach 10:30 P.M. once again, which is quite annoying, we all have things to do, yes all i have to do is log in and tap 1 item in order to start the clock, but then i take extreme actions, i'll log in tap 1 item, go to sleep, wake up visit half of my neighbors and then leave the other half for the next reset. In events where event points are shared bot ways for neighbors, i'm basically withholding those points from my neighbors, something that can be easily solved with a static reset time.

    Everyones touched on this, i wont defend it, it is....stupid to say the least. Having nuked my town i know how it works, its alphabetical, a stupid alphabet.
    Let me explain, part 1 Is A-Z, part 2 is A-Z and so on, what constitutes a part? I'm not entirely sure but i do notice various groups with in the alphabets so it may pertain to release date or event. So the first item in your inventory is the newest item added to it, even If you already have one, if it was recently obtained it will show up first until you use it (place, sell, etc). After those items are gone through it'll start by alphabet (i'll use mine as an example):

    Current order of my inventory (base, not sub categories, although they also do this)
    50 Ft Magnifying glass
    Ba'al Pit
    Cryo Stasis Memorial
    Egyptian Pyramid
    Escalator to Nowhere
    Heavenly Hills East Wing
    Heavenly Hills West WIng
    Homer's Dream House
    Incubator ThinkTank
    Medieval Rich House
    Waverly Hills Elementary
    Brown House
    Mushroom Office Building
    Office Towers
    Banana Leaf Windmill
    Dark Carriage
    Donut Torture Device
    Donut Tray
    Fort Adventure

    if you notice it starts of alphabetical then after a set amount of items, resets and does this over again (over and over) i first noticed this when i first nuked, a large amount of items were alphabetized but not all were, the more i sifted the more i realized it was going in alphabetical order but almost as if subcategorized which made very little sense.
    A simple subcategory including one of each letter in the alphabet might be easier (spitballin here, apparently nonsense makes sense)
  • Lack of a searchable inventory. Lost a lot a motivation because of it.
  • rw228
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    rw228 wrote: »
    @wadebear I think you can use the googleplex to produce chairs.

    Wouldn't that cost $400,000? Seems expensive for a daily

    Yes but if you are over max it's the only way I know of. I usually just X them put personally.
  • Rivers don't go to the ocean. Cars don't go on roads. Boats don't go on rivers even if you make a lake. That stupid covered bridge doesn't go across a river. River DOES NOT look good with dam, it will not connect. More 24 hour outside jobs.
  • rw228
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    Rivers don't go to the ocean. Cars don't go on roads. Boats don't go on rivers even if you make a lake. That stupid covered bridge doesn't go across a river. River DOES NOT look good with dam, it will not connect. More 24 hour outside jobs.

    A river does connect to the dam
  • rw228 wrote: »
    Rivers don't go to the ocean. Cars don't go on roads. Boats don't go on rivers even if you make a lake. That stupid covered bridge doesn't go across a river. River DOES NOT look good with dam, it will not connect. More 24 hour outside jobs.

    A river does connect to the dam

    This must be a recent development the river didn't a week ago.

  • adruralo
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    This must be a recent development the river didn't a week ago.
    That’s because it’s not easy at first to lign up, took me three or four goes to get it right.

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  • Muhsterino
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    adruralo wrote: »
    This must be a recent development the river didn't a week ago.
    That’s because it’s not easy at first to lign up, took me three or four goes to get it right.
    This is from a previous thread:
    Grumpstown wrote: »
    the dam can be placed slightly over water :D


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  • simp7fan
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    I try not to mess with the inventory. If they don't plan to fix it at least offer to store or place all items so I can decide if I want to try stumbling across an item in the inventory later. I'm mostly complaining about the Pride Crosswalks, right now.

    Also, the road tiles and building placement restriction issues. Just allow it all, to remove headache of trying to be logical.
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  • girl22721
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    My top dislikes:

    1. The new daily donut limit.

    2. Inventory; desperately needs a free-text search.

    3. Slow animation for collecting $ and XP from jobs and buildings; wish it could be switched off via an option.

    4. Crashes!
  • jerry4278 wrote: »
    Lack of usage of secondary characters. They should have mini-events. Brown House tasks-When a new task is given and no building - they go to the brown house. Tasks should be oriented to the buildings in town. I have 2 daycare centers and a task that sends the kids to daycare, but they go to the brown house, go figure. I've also noticed that when there is an event that involves buying things from a store, which store do they go to, Kwik - E - Mart. What about the other stores? Why have all these buildings if they are not going to be used. All you need is the brown house, Moe's, the Simpsons house, the Church & Kwik-E-Mart. Everyone winds up at these places the majority of the time.

    Understand exactly what you are saying but guess the reason for using things like the Brown House, Kwik-E-Mart -E- Mart etc is so that the lower level players can also take part in the events I also suspect thatiit's the same reason for the use of the same early aquired characters, the only wayaaround this that I can see is if they were to program a choice of buildings into the task, sort of if the player owns building 'X' then use that building if they don't have building 'X' then use building 'Y' but I don't expect it to happen to be honest, as it would probably end up just adding more glitches to the event.

    They've done this before with other bldgs. The task defaults to the brown house, but IF you have such-and-such building then it takes place there. Don't know why they haven't done it with more tasks. This is a pet peeve of mine as well.
  • wadebear wrote: »
    Daily Challenges that require collecting Springfield Heights materials. Speaking of which... Is there any other way to get Furniture other than send characters to the shop? I've got the same Challenge in 2 games: Collect 40 Furniture for 3 donuts. So I'd have to spend 127 Furniture so I could make 40. :s

    And I always end up buying something I don't want. The really annoying SFH ones are the ones that award SFH currency (not that I do DT for anything other than donuts, but it's 24 hours to get another chance to change the task if it doesn't work the first time ).
  • You can't move road 1 square at a time
    No bridges to match alternate road surfaces
    No desert terrain (other than the ones we had to buy or craft one square at a time!)
    Need cobblestone pavement to go with road.
    That dumb bridge from the last THOH!

    Footprint of some features is not the size of the base, but the width of the top. So, for example, if I want to place hedges against the base of a deco that has arms jutting out at the top, I can't put them any closer then the edge of where the arms are because of the way the footprint is coded.
  • kcm0984
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    Lack of a searchable inventory. Lost a lot a motivation because of it.

    This. Holy crap, this. Even if the inventory was ACTUALLY alphabetized, that would help. Some. But the inability to easily find items in our inventories is maddening.
  • stephtog
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    It's an oldie but a goodie - lack of voices. If Family Guy can do it in their game, why can't this one?

    Took me ages to save up for CCL and she doesn't even speak!!!
  • 1pillform
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    Where do I start? lol.....Item limit has to be the top of my list of disappointments. Items that go away forever like special fences from events. Unless you cheat you cant ever get more of those special items....and I don't think I've ever seen them come back ever since the certain event. Some items come back but not the items you want for decorating like fences. So they force you to spend the entire event time stocking up on that one item because it'll be gone forever. Not being able to use pier items on land.
    Not being able to place KL items in main town, because those things would be great. No other carnival items to go with Duff Gardens. Can't place cars or obvious street items on roads even though they belong on them. Not being able to place items on river. No permanent weather effects like rain or snow, for example what I keep bringing up every so often is a way to switch the weather on and off. Similar to the plunger that sets Xmas building decorations on and off. If we had that for 'weather' it'd be amazing. Being able to turn snow on and off year round. Zombie sandwich keeps all zombie people obsessively around the dumpster, they won't venture out and roam the town for some reason. Not to mention its only 60 minutes long, you should be able to keep them in zombie form for at least 4 hours. Well, in a way you can as long as you don't complete the 60 min task they will remain in zombie mode. But it should still be longer than 60 min. Having to re-scroll ALLLL the way through the inventory just to place another of the same item. Also the inventory is a bloody mess, it needs a major overhaul.
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  • nissa762
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    I've gotten used to most. The number 1 for me is still Send All Springfielders tasks. I have too many characters (200+) and this slows down my town. If there was some way to re-task all other characters easily once the 5 or so characters were sent, this wouldn't bother me. I'll even settle for manually setting the remaining characters, as long as I don't have to scroll to the 8/12/24hr tasks for each character.
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