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What is your favorite Tree House of Horror episode and why?

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Mine has to be season 29s tbh, isn't it amazing?

Watch season 29's Tree House of Horror is going to be horrible JUST because I said that :/
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  • Mine is Bart Simpsons Dracula. Why? I like vampire movies (real vampires...not twilight) and the Simpsons...so its natural.

    I also like the school bus of doom. Why? Cuz they ripped off my favorite Twilight Zone episode with Billy Shatner.
  • “Treehouse of Horror ” from Season 6 of the series. It included three vignettes, “The Shinning”, “Time and Punishment”, and “Nightmare Cafeteria”.
    Why is it my favorite? It just is.
  • One! Chorus line of people, dancing 'till they make us stop!

    I love anything with Kang and Kodos.
    "Remember our story, we are newlyweds on our way to Earth capital"

    Off the top of my head, my favorite would have to be VII.
    "The Thing and I"
    "The Genesis Tub"
    And "Citizen Kang"
  • Mine has to be season 29s tbh, isn't it amazing?

    Watch season 29's Tree House of Horror is going to be horrible JUST because I said that :/

    For starters i think you havent been properly welcomed to the forumns (sneaked right in, i like that), so welcome you have infused these forumns with some life, so thank you.

    That said, your question has a single flaw, episode or segment?
    The problem is sometimes, a single segment is far superior than the other two segments within the "episode" and other occasions all three segments have enough consistency to make the overall episode feel good. A perfect example? THoH XII
    A leprechaun alongside a gypsy curse? A HAL like house? A Harry potter type segment? Aces, the episode does follow through till the very end, the end credits even deserve some praise.
    On the "segment" scale, is my all time Favorite THoH Segment:
    The Terror of Tiny Toon
    One word: Perfection.
    I am biased i admit that, however this episode takes Itchy and Scratchy all the way to 11, it delivers the epitome of the term "cartoon" with a Tex Avery style journey, everything from Bart accurately displaying the laws of Cartoon-style Shenanigans with a simple marker, the eye bulge, the fact that Itchy saws of Scratchys arms off by accident causing him to steer the vehicle with his teeth. Flawless.... ahh the antics of cartoon characters, this is only amplified by the supporting cast Regis Philbin with his remark "That Cilantro really gives it a kick" "There is no cilantro in it".
    I Consider myself a true fan of cartoons, and this episode had what i consider to be the epitome of cartoonyiness.

    I have meet few who truly understand...Toons.

    As for episode? There can be only one of course.
    Treehouse of Horror VI
    You know this too be true.
    It has everything ranging from a Nightmare on Elm street plot (Nightmare Willy is a top requested skin)
    Bonus Points For Barts eyes popping out in old fashioned Cartoony style (the Golden age)

    A LEGENDARY song written by Paul Anka (among my favorites along with, the Stonecutter song, and the Strike Song)

    And finally, yes that one, 3D Homer.

    This was pretty big back then, and personally i think this one was strong through ALL three parts, its a rare episode that hit everything perfectly AND pushed the boundaries of the norm. Bravo, Simpsons, Bravo.

    Yeah season 29 is gonna suck, i blame the general atmosphere, currently people are less inclined towards plain old humor and are trying to be (ughh) political with satire (thats what it is, i know but still). They could easily change this with a good plot, some catchy songs (Call AL Yankovic, dudes still got it), something ya know? Example:
    Have a Bartman themed segment where Bart becomes the **** hero (maybe Lisa as support, Homer as Pieman) with Hugo as an Owlman type villain. Hugo creates a Gallery of Rogues using Barts greatest enemies: Clown Bed, Principal Skinner, Sideshow Bob (and the Terwilligers) that new Teacher that hates Bart, Nelson(?) and the bullies (?) etc. It could work quite well, maybe a tribute to Mr. West, some hints of Nolans Batman, Some hints of Hamills joker, etc. etc. See sounds good already... I dont know they just arent making me laugh like i used too.

    I can (and will) talk about this all day so i better stop here, and simply say, THoH is always the highlight of the year October, or was, that however was long ago. Now its all about Season 3 of Rick and Morty.
    Wabba Lubba Dub dub.
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