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Radioactive man statue

Last year I bought Radioactive man and Bartman bundle now I see there is a new radioactive man bundle with radioactive man statue but the statue is nowhere in my store! Is the statue unlocked in this new radioactive man questline? Or it is just locked for the people who bought last year's bundle?


  • simp7fan
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    Sorry. I didn't buy it last year because of that incorrect bundling.
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  • superefrain7
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    edited July 2017
    Apparently Radioactive Man Statue is not unlocked in the questline, according to LPN walktrough. I hope I could buy the statue in this time. Last year I bought the previous radioactive bundle with kane manor, bartman and bartman cave.

    I lost that statue in the first superheroes event because my account was anonymous, and in the second superheroes event it didn't come back.
  • What I want to know is, does the statue have a %?
  • What I want to know is, does the statue have a %?

    No, it generates cash.
  • I'm so disappointed there is no multiplier bonus.
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