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Which one should I buy?

It's better to buy something else. BUT will you regret not getting it, since its limited time?


  • Jeremyfc55
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    sherryt07 wrote:
    It's better to buy something else. BUT will you regret not getting it, since its limited time?

    I agree. There's a lot better uses for 150 donuts than a taskless character.

    Premium buildings give you more lucrative tasks. For example, Bart's 3-hour quest at Aztec Theatre earns more XP and money than his stock 4-hour skateboarding quest. They also collect an income tax just like the houses, so if your goal is to eventually buy the six-figure decorations, this may be your quickest route.

    Premium characters earn more XP and cash than the stock characters. And at some point, the game prompts you to do each task, just like the free characters. Some of their quests require other premium buildings, such as Squeaky Voice Teen having a task at the Aztec Theatre, but that's how EA hooks ya.

    Decorations raise your base multiplier. This gives you more XP every time you collect taxes, do a task, build something, etc. Another post on these forums said the Gulp N' Blow is the best way to figure out your multiplier. Its income tax is $100 by default. Any amount more than that is your bonus percentage. Yay, math!

    My personal preference goes characters, businesses, decorations.

  • Toj427
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    I got the well. I like it. The leprechaun cracks me up. Unlike that stupid Funzo I wish I could store.
  • Cyclops7747
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    I own the aztec theater, but not lard lad's donuts or the school bus. I was deciding whether or not I should buy one of those two and some characters or the wishing well and a few characters.

    Btw, the funzos are pretty useless.
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    I like Santa's Little Helper, but he is useless too. :) The Funzos are just icky.

    But, the leprechaun gives money. You have to follow him around and tap him but if you are bored you can get money every ten seconds. My payout is 7 bucks, others have more, but it can add up if you have time. And usually once or twice you get more, like $28.00.

    So he's not totally devoid of a job. You just have to be there to tap him.

    That said, I cant' stand the sounds he makes. I turn my game sound way down or off most of the time anyway and I have to if I'm tapping that guy. I don't know why, but he bugs me.

    I expect something from him tomorrow. I hope I'm right!
  • NeoSEC28
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    I Personally like the noises he makes cracks me up as i can see the episode with him every time :lol:

    it all depends on whether you want the limited time prems or not really, i will always get everything going cos im that addicted now lol but limited offers have to be bought 1st in my mind as the other prem items can be bought anytime :D

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  • brenner_yes
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    Id go with the well, since its limited time, you can regret it all you want after you buy it even store it if u want but wanting and never being able to having it well thats tough luck.
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