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WDYDW: Gilded Truffle and Muntz House?

Since ya know they are both buildings with unique land I thought why not? Also I've been lost on what to do with them for like a week :D:D
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  • I usually have the SVT valet at the GT because I like to spam quickie, 1-hour tasks for a lot of my characters when I play TSTO.

    Sometimes I have characters like Krusty and the Blue-Haired Lawyer eat there. I just finished up Nelson's house today and haven't done anything with it, save for putting a washer and dryer decoration around the house.
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  • Castiel19x
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    Also check in the showcase thread if you need ideas as well. Best place to show off your designs too. :)
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • The GT is in my upper crust zone of shops in the Heights and the Muntz house is on the edge of my woodland along with a few other rundown buildings.
  • spritals148
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    Showcase is awesome, I can spend hours going through it. Unfortunately I have trouble posting images so I don't get to show off with the others :'(B)
    My Gilded is in SH as well and Nelson's house, Willy's shed and other shacks are at the mountain base clustered with out house washers and old cars :)
    Edit: with outhouse, not with out :)
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