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The negative donut glitch is gone



  • maxmimimi
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    rolybert7 wrote:
    maxmimimi wrote:
    sherryt07 wrote:
    rolybert7 wrote:
    sherryt07 wrote:
    maxmimimi wrote:
    so its gone :( anyone knows another glitch?

    There's one that involves growing corn. :lol:
    I know that one! Start growing corn then speed it up with donuts and you end up with corn and no donuts. Sherry never said it was a good glitch.

    I was actually joking. It's why I used the lol smiley.

    But hey....I found this:


    Can be found here:

    http://tappedoutfriend.com/the-simpsons-tapped-out-cheats/Allot of people put out these fake tasks as a joke So generally I would not waste my time with them. BTW I was also joking. If you use donuts to speed up corn all you will have is corn. There are people that come here that spend a crap load of donuts on things and if this actually worked someone here would have reported it long ago. As soon as someone finds a glitch to get free stuff they report it here usually followed by EA removing said glitch. (they are not quick about it but eventually it goes away)

    Thank u! Did you do that? Really works?

    :) thanx :D
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