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Lost my land... Please help me raise some $$$ to buy it back!

Thanks so much to everyone who has visited my Springfield so far!

We've raised the first $9,100 to buy back the coffee shop and the theatre!

Only $89,000 left to go before everything is back to normal!

Thanks again! All of the residents of "My Springfield" appreciate your help too! (especially Bart... He was glued to the same spot for 5 hours!) :)



  • jptrhodes
    23 posts
    edited March 2012
    Well it has been a week and with the exception of 3 plots of land, everything has been restored to its former place!
    The remaining 3 "lost" plots will cost about $32,000 to buy back and hopefully we can raise that in the next few days!

    Thanks to all who have visited and vandalized my Springfield!! Keep those spray cans pumping!

  • edited April 2012
    I lost my whole game and had to start all over again :cry:
  • battyguy
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    edited April 2012
    Email gypsy..im sure she can help with her stupid emails

    Is there anyone out there?
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