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Praiseland Promotion ( !Potential Spoilers! )

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I'm not sure if this has already been asked or if LPN already posted a schedule, but I'm really curious to know when we will get the Praiseland Gil offer. I know a lot of us have been waiting for it for a long time and I want to make sure I'll have the donuts when it hits the game.

If the information is correct it will cost 185 units and contain following items :

Rachel Jordan, Praiseland Wall x15, Solomon's Temple, Rockin' Ark, Forbidden Tree, Trees x4, Shrubs x8, Flowers x2

I really hope I didn't spoil anything for anyone
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  • You did
  • Dougie_Powers_17
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    Maybe adding ' (SPOILER) ' to the front of the thread title could be helpful :)
  • Will do
  • Isn't there a spoiler screen for posts, to hide info that others might not want to see?

    I don't care...I'm glad I know now, but not sure if I'll partake. I would have to see what it looks like. If I had to guess it'll probably be the start of Act III, but seems like EA's been shaking things up lately, so who knows?
  • i guess it wiwll hit soe time in act 2, as pop seems to be the most matching genre for the character
  • petehd14
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    It does not have the Maude statue from Easter.
  • petehd14 wrote: »
    It does not have the Maude statue from Easter.

    This seems to be a recurring theme recently, where partial pieces of things get released and then you get another sometime later... this deal will be good for those who have the statue and now want to embellish it I guess..I didn't get the statue so this will be an easy pass for me
  • petehd14
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    I notice that the Outdoor Opera Stage didn't make it in, but the rest of the pieces did. :/ I'm sure that people who get Cecil since he became permanent would want that one.
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