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Surprised we didn't get Party Posse Skins & Be Sharps Skins

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Maybe for Homerpalooza 2 along with other musicians like Gulliver Dark, Rita LaFleur, Helen Feesh, Tabitha Vixx, Dean Bobby Peterson, The Singing Hobo, Beethoven (real version), Zenya & My Ding-a-Ling Kid



  • That would be a good sequel
  • @Deadshot_DCU I was surprised as well then I thought about it a little more and it started making sense.

    Both Party Posse and Be Sharps could be their own mini event like Pin Pals was. In the case of Party Posse, they'll have plenty of pop music related stuff from this event to include as returning content for rebates and/or a mystery box.
  • I'd really like Beethoven to go with the Mozart I already have.
  • Deadshot_DCU
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    I'd really like Beethoven to go with the Mozart I already have.

    I rather have the real versions of Mozart and Beethoven as opposed to the "bart" version we got


  • adruralo
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    Yeah, the only glimpse we get of the B-Sharps is on the open air stage. Cool if we had their skins.
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