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Something seems off - rat trap trucks



  • My multiplier, combined with the active XP Collider, means I get 10,016,598 XP and a Bonus Level Up (I'm on max Level 939) for a single Rat Trap Truck.

    The odd thing is, if I buy 10 RTTs at once I'll still get 10x 10,016,598 XP but only get 9 Bonus Levels. Likewise, if buy 20 RTTs at once I'll get 20x 10,016,598 XP but only get 19 Bonus Levels.

    Buying between 1 and 6 RTTS gets 1 or 6 Bonus Levels. Anything above that and a single Bonus Level is lost each time (I still get the correct XP). Not a big deal, but it is odd. :/
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