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Okay, I KNOW This Is Supposed to Go In The Showcase, but...........

I'm having such a good time building and adding to the rocker venue that I thought I would share an image of my progress just for grins. I even had to move most of my brown houses (which have been in the same place for 2 years) to accommodate the expanding rock-fest arena. And EA - I freakin' love those crowd blocks. They really bring an added bonus to the game for me.

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  • Reported:

    Just kidding. That looks awesome! :)
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  • 4junk3000
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    Yes i am also reporting you. But to be fair, here you can report me too.
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    Got Groupies? Welcome to Fort Adventure aka pile of mattresses back stage! You know what happens to those mattresses? Yep, they get donated to the slaughterhouse next door. They're processing one now i think. Reminds me what the great guitarist Garth Algar once said: "Ewwwww."

    This might be my favorite band of performers. Aww poop i already forget the name.
    Anyone else have a favorite act?

    I also am really happy with the design aspect of this event. It's fun like the airport, not lame like the egyptian-dino-pirate thing.

    Hey see the example in my pic: what is up with the devil cart not hooking up to the devil donut cart? Stupid Flanders!
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  • I'm reporting how freaking awesome your pictures are. Both look great. @4junk3000 you're right about how much fun the designing is. Ive torn down and re-built my concert area about 10 times and emjoyed it ever time. When I'm happy with it I'll post a pic.
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