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Spooky campsite

So back when it was in the store I checked all the tabs and was unable to find it. My cousin literally brought it and called me. It showed up free. I understand you can not level it and I'm fine with that. I did create a ticket and was told to post it here after about 3 emails back and forth.


  • The Spooky Campfire was available for free for a limited period of time during the Superheroes Return. It was only available from 24th July until 30th July 2017. Are you sure that you tried to find it in the store during this time period?
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  • Yeah. I even have a ticket created on the 30th. My cousin got it and I tried a few days thinking it updated on his iPad before the droid. Needless to say they referred me to the forum for some reason instead cause they can't help me. Something about studio team or something.
  • So any word from the studio team?
  • Rwwolfe wrote: »
    So any word from the studio team?

    Search through your inventory... using the > If it's not there then you need to contact EA support.
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