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Bridges we don't have~

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Noticed there is a lot of bridges they could easily give is....not sure why they don't like to give us these in the game. I know they did give us one for this Homerpalooza event. "rock camp bridge" which is fine but...we want more. I think we all would like these. And we would even probably pay donuts for a bridge or 2.

Tiny one

Some bridge called "Suicide" and apparently it was a winter episode.

A bridge "over road" that Bart and Milhouse was on.

I also recall one episode where they drove on a Freeway bridge I believe. So there is also that....

YA there is also the Lord of the Flies Parody episode where Otto Drives off the bridge, so there could even be a animated bridge that shows that. Course the bridge would have to be pretty big to show that animation. :/
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  • Sure, I'll take a bridge
  • Castiel19x
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    Hopefully we'll get more one day. I wonder if they pay attention to any kind of request that we want in this game.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • Maybe we will get a bridge event where all the bridges go over water with some being 1 tile, 2 tiles, 3 tiles, etc...
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