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Just an idea. When you click the little blue "i" on an item, please have it list what event it came front, or a date of release. I, and many others, have a ton of dead stock items and i'm losing track and what came from when. Some event items have a similar theme to maybe a Gil deal item.

I'm a person who like to keep items categorized in my SF. An example being my Pagan stuff. I'm placing it now, but unless it says "pagan" in the title, I not 100% sure it came from that event.

I think this would be helpful.


  • simp7fan
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    Just organize into categories, like Pagan. But what might also be cool is an i in build mode, same info, especially bonus. Easier than storing and seeing your bonus go down.
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  • Deadshot_DCU
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    What you both say are great ideas. We need more categorizing and some added info with where those items came from is fantastic
  • 4junk3000
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    edited August 2017
    Historical info is great, but what I'd like is to be able to tap a thing and know if i have more in storage, or if they're available to buy.

    I'm really disappointed they haven't introduced an indexing system (ABC tabs) for inventory yet. They did a mild update to the categories, and honestly it sux. "Town building" is a category?? Lame. They still don't have all the fences in a fence category!

    And what happened to inventory persistent memory? Once upon a time you could scroll to a thing, place it, and reopen the inventory to be in the same place in the scroll. Now it resets to the far left. I'd love to task them with many process improvements in game mechanics. It's sloppy UI/UX. Boooo
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  • It would be nice if it was actually alphabetical, to start with.
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  • Isn't it already alphabetical? Just in two sections. First are all the premium items, alphabetized, then the regular ones. So you scroll through one category, to get to another.
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