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With the update Springfield Elementary was added and the characters could only play certain venues. The children, the Pop venues and the adults the rest. I just did a new jam session and I got to Moe's. I had Dr. Hibbert & the Reverend do it but they aren't allowed where before they could. Lisa could play at Moes. Now I have a jam session that I can't play and have to wait 4 hours. This is not the first time this happened. This is so messed up.


  • Moes and the Kwik e mart change between being a Rock and Pop venue at random. Look at the bottom of the screen to see which one it is before you assign anyone
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  • When it's all pop, .....I can't fill all the slots, but have rockers to spare (who get 3hrs 37mins break) seems a waste when they can't all perform but there's empty slots

  • Yeah, I've taken the time to really analyze my 6 venues and can find no formula for making certain that every slot in every venue is filled every time, even though I have plenty of musicians standing around with nothing to do. This aspect of this particular event is really frustrating and VERY time consuming. That said, I think it's a cool event despite the problems.
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  • I ha e the same problem whenMoes and the KEM are pop, I have 1 empty spot (it was 2 but since I finished the Weird Al quest for this act, he can do pop too) I dont have a solution to offer, guess we just have to accept it for now, as theres not much else we can do
    I do not accept unsolicited friend requests! PM me and say hi first.
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