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Complimentary (non-event) decorations

I was wondering what non-event items people have used to decorate their event areas
The best ones I could think of are both for the rock stage......

The large gargoyle statues and the flying bats......both can be placed to catch light from any of the moving or colour changing lights

Anybody else got any bright ideas??



  • I am trying to make it look like a festival, so I have added tents, vending machines, fleet-a-pita, those kinds of things.
  • A newsvan.
  • I usually put a load of news vans at the event

  • petehd14
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    I'm going to work Homer's Ballet in there somewhere - probably next to the Stunt Cannon.
  • Whacking tents, Homer's ice cream truck. Green tents from Halloween and some of the pagan tents. Brother Faith van, campfires, Lisa's pin tent, chilad tent, the K stands with the umbrellas ..there's lots, look through your inventory.
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  • Since we have no Roof stage for the preschoolers (AKA The Anklebiters) you can use the carnival float as a substitute.

    Truckasaurus and devil float go well with The Rock Stage.

    Balloons (Rainbow from pride event or 300 from pin pal event) go well with pop stage.

    General? Tourist information center, reward center (both from destination Springfield event) various vehicles, Stadium pieces from Tapball etc. It all depends on what you want.

    You want a venue feel? Some Charity concert? Lalpalozablahblah...Bleh? Everything is a variable.
  • The big bonfires and the burning man give it a festival riot feel.
  • I added lots of mud :)
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  • johncolombo
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    petehd14 wrote: »
    I'm going to work Homer's Ballet in there somewhere - probably next to the Stunt Cannon.

    I was doing neighbor visits and it may have been in @IckabodSchrek 's town. They had the cheering crowd cheering at Homer's Ballet :D
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  • A tiki bar might look good in the festival area. Going the other way, I think that pig would look great in the parking lot of a Super Smorg.
  • adruralo
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    In addition to some of the things above I’ve also put the Devils donut van there.
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