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who should we send to what venue to get max payout?

sorry if this is already posted - i didn't see it ... but who should we send to which stage to maximize the payouts?


  • wadebear
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    It depends on what level your characters are at. Open the event menu and scroll down to Star Management. You can see their level there.
  • I spent some time looking at this and have myself and three friends using this with the exception that the freemium friend has to leave some players he doesn't have empty. Not sure if it will work for everyone, but if you are actually playing the event and not rushing everything this should work based on where you will have progressed to:

    Simpsons House
    Homer Apu

    Hilbert Lovejoy

    Kwik E Mart
    Leon Nelson

    Lisa Bleeding Gums

    Pop Stage
    Milhouse Bart Ralph Rock Star Maggie

    Rock Stage
    Weird Al Peter Shredder Freddy

    I have one extra player that I rotate into the rock stage to keep starts growing.
    I do find that I have to send in an order or some do not appear. I usually go school, Simpsons, Kwik, Moes Pop Rock

    Hope this is some help. You have to make sure the player with the most start goes in the bonus spot. You can modify this based on your players start ratings but it allows all venues to be covered.
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