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Moving Objects/rearranging objects wish list

While yes - a function like that would be nice, the point of the app is to keep you playing as long as possible. And while some degree of functionality has to be kept in place, if you could make it super easy to move your town in seconds, suddenly you exhaust all options and you get bored of the game.

not disagreeing with you at all though, sure would be nice :lol:


  • XxEpicnezzxX
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    edited April 2013
    Great idea! You got my vote!!! xD
  • sammysound
    113 posts
    edited April 2013
    that would make life so much easier

    a click and drag type option would be much appreciated
  • TRTX84
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    edited April 2013
    One of the main things I wish I could do is move a property as a whole. Like somehow be able to move the Burns manor whole property at once including decorations and land. Something like a copy and paste lol. Highlight everything u want included in the group an be able to move the highlighted group lol. Just in case EA is watching and listening. Any other suggestions people have in moving/rearranging??

    That's something on my wishlist, but I would expect it to be a pretty tough thing to get. Even if it was just to take my whole city and slide it to the East or West one "row" to make room for something I'd like to do.
  • direwolf987
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    edited April 2013
    I would like it if they put in another "Layer Button". They have a layer button for houses and one for decorations. I would like it if they broke down the decoration layer into Living Objects (i.e. trees, flowers, and shrubs) and Non-Living Objects (i.e. parking lots, benches, and dumpsters). This would make the moving and decorating our towns less frustrating.
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