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You should visit Krustyland sometime...

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edited August 2017
I like to go to MY Krustyland after I drop summons off in my friends towns. It makes the game double fun! You know cause it's like playing 2 different games at the same time... ;) ;)
"I gave him a couple of blintzes to paint my fence but he never did it! "


  • glitch?
  • Didn't work for me...
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  • Sometimes this happens to me. I'll go to Krustyland to check on SVT and Princess Penelope (because I have them stationed there) and I'll get the notif about neighbors clearing the lawyers I dropped and then synchronizing back to my Springfield, I get the same notification I got in Krustyland.
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  • You got the same amount. Its not a glitch. The same if you exit the game while the message is still open.
  • wadebear
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    This has been happening for years. It doesn't always work though.
  • It's been hit or miss for sure. Just got a double dose of 194 thingys and 36 concert tickets though so it makes the chance worth the visit!
    "I gave him a couple of blintzes to paint my fence but he never did it! "
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