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Not to be the worst, but here are some more female characters I think the game desperately needs


2. Annika Van Houten

3. Mary Spuckler

4. Jenda Simpson

5. Zia Simpson

6. Alison Taylor (or is she alrady in it?)

7. Nikki McKenna

8. Darcy

9. Becky (student at Springfield)

10. Rita LaFleur Simpson

11. Daphne Burns

12. Samantha Stankey

13. Clara Stetson

14. Alex Whitney

15. Laney Fontaine

16. Agnes Flanders

17. Isabel Guiterrez


19. Sherri and Terri's Cousin

20. Zhenya

21. Lily Bancroft

22. Harper Jambowski


24. Mrs. Syslak

25. Calliope Juniper

26. Lily Bancroft

27. Taffy

28. Debbie Pinson

29. Tabitha Vixx

30. Francine Rhenquist

31. Sylvia Winfield

32. Mrs. Pommelhorse

33. Mrs. Glick (or is she already there)

34. Renee

35. Chloe talbot

36. Carol Jones

37. Inga

38. Mxine Lombard

39. Grandma Van Houten

40. Juliet Hobbes

41. Madam Wu

42.Mrs. Frink

43. Apu's Mother

44. Madison McKenna

45. Audrey McConnell

46. Rose Quimby

47. Chelsea Wellington

48. Stpehanie Brokcman

49. Mrs. Scratchy

50. Maw Spuckler

51. VELMA: The "I LIike That" waitress (clearly the most important)

52. Annie Dubinsky

53. Sophie Jensen

54. Melanie Upfoot

55. Stanlerina

56. Fit Fat Tony's Wife

57. Gretchen

58. Martha Prince

59. Annie Crawford

60. Joan Bushwell

61. Gypsy

52. Dr. Stacey Swanson

63. Loch Ness Monster

64. Lois Pennycandy

65. Ms. Sinclair

66. Quinn Hooper

67. Nedna Flanders

68. Ms. Barr

69. Myrna Bellamy

70. TR Francis

71. Ms. Phipps

72. Paula Pall

73. Katelyn from Waverly Hills

74. Tiffany Spucler

75. Emily Winthrop

76. Hillary Clinton

77. Tattoo Annie

78. Kate Lynn

79. Jitney Spuckler

80. Tanya

81. Sister Marilyn

82. Evelyn Peters

83. Helen Fielding

84. Caitlyn from Waverly Hills

85. Connie

86. Manjula's Mother

87. Astrid Weller

88. Prudence Simpson

89. Opal

90. Kathy

91. Ruthie

92. Fluffy

93. Queen Booty Shaker

94. Tina Balerina

95. Gladys

96. Carrie

97. Ms. Dubinsky

98. Maria Dominguez

99. Esme Delacroix

100. Juliana Krellner

101. Estelle

102. Mrs. Krabapatra

103. Miss Goodthighs

104. Enchantra

105. Ms. Finch

106. Beezee

And these are just HALF ot hte female characters you could introduce from recent seasons. Come on friends lets get to work.


  • Nessie and Becky are already in game. As for a lot of these others, I don't even remember them. I'm not sure the game needs to add a lot of characters who only made minor appearances. Personally, I don't want political figures beyond the dead presidents.

    That said, I think you've named several that people have been clamoring for. Sarah Wiggum not least among them.
  • Hm. No Little Vicki on the list? Tsk, tsk.
  • I was thinking about this early on but what ever happen to Sarah Wiggum wasn't she a most wanted character for a bit.
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  • Sarah Wiggum is more of a no brainer than any other character. There is absolutely no excuse why we don't have her yet. Maybe its hard for them to justify getting a character for donuts by them selves without a building or decoration? idk.....
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  • The male to female ratio is pretty terrible, if all these characters were to be added females would barely out umber men. (By a dozen or so) However most of these are no brainers , like Sarah Wiggum.
  • Still waiting on Mr Bergstrom. I'm surprised he hasn't been included in the game yet before these as he's a much more well known and popular character that was quite significant to the show, specially the first series.

  • Hm. No Little Vicki on the list? Tsk, tsk.

    I must've missed that, but an excellent point! She's one of those I'd like to see.
  • The main news item here is there's a mrs. Syzlack.

    And melanie upfoot needs to exist so we can see the name every day.

    Aside from that, i really can only lend my support to the inclusion on Titiana or Titania or whatnot.
  • Hm. No Little Vicki on the list? Tsk, tsk.


    Tappa tappa tappa.
  • Little Vicki for sure! Love that epsidoe being a dancer!
  • Isn't nedna Flanders just a ship name for ned and Edna is that her name. You know Bart's now dead teacher
  • jmbisseker wrote: »
    Little Vicki for sure! Love that epsidoe being a dancer!

    I don't know if they could stretch it into a major event but Tapped Out could easily do a mini event with a dance theme. There's plenty of content.
    Little Vicki, Chazz Busby & his dance studio, Lisa's self-tapping shoes, Ballet Bart skin etc.
  • Number 11 did you mean Daphne Broon?
  • And see! I've already missed other characters like Little Vicki, Governor Bailey, etc. The male to female ratio really is brutal.

    And on the topic of female characters we barely remember, the game is CHOCK FULL of men who i had to google to remember why they were on the show. I think it should be open to everyone and hoping it continues to get diverse.
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