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Lost Save DAta

Hi how can i recover my save data i played on android phone didnt had ea or origin acoount please guide me


  • Did you lose the phone or are you still currently playing on the same device? I think if you lost the phone and you were playing anonymously then there is no hope for recovery. If you have your game ID (called a Mayhem ID I think) you could contact EA and see if they could restore your game to your Origin account (since you now have one). Have you tried logging into the game with your Origin account and seeing if it gives you the option of loading a saved game?

    Honestly, I'm just guessing here because I have never played anonymously before. I'm sure someone with the answers will jump in here and help out. If not, I would contact EA.
  • i never made ea account or origin account just google play and yes iam playing in the same device iam playing on pc on bluestack android emulator
  • Playing on Bluestacks is a no no. There is nothing anyone (especially EA) will do for you. Sorry.
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