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Congrats to you above.. (if this works for everyone..)

My fix is this

The max amount of money can only be 9,999,999 or - 9,999,999 otherwise the build build feature doesn't work. (It can't handle 8 or high in digits with money)

This doesn't affect Candy, TP, or Eggs (that i know of but again be on the safe side.. that would take you forever to get that much of each 9,999,999+)

(this is if you have more money then this in the bank after the Update to 3.0.. ) This happened to men .. if i keep below this number till update fixes it then I can build whatever I need to

I don't know about other folks.. with how much money they have and they "cant build".. i would need to see what others have .. to pin point what digits or number sets off the crash.

If you can't do it I can login to your account and Fix it from my end and Give you a possible bonus!

If you don't have a jail broken device:

1 use iFunBox

2 follow the exact same instructions

3 instead of re-springing just turn off your device and turn it back on.

Tools for use: JAIL BROKEN device
iFile (jailbreak app)

1) Download "Tapped Out" from AppStore
2) Install the app
3) Wait for the Update of the new Halloween features
4) Log in with your Origin EA account
5) Check the amount of money that you have
6) Close the app

1) Open iFile
2) On the left side tree click on:
Raw File System / var / mobile / Applications / Tapped Out / Libray / Caches / save /
3) You will find 2 files with a name of numbers

4) Check the date of the 2 files, it will be the last time of your login
5) Backup it them just incase you * up, and do not edit them! (make a map and copy/paste those 2files in the map note: don't make the map in the SAVE map)
6) Open the file in the original "save" with tekst viewer (in my case: 12233162692869245960042748609221675691)
7) You will see a long XML structure file
Search the value "money" that contais the number of your money
<User lastBonusCollection="1349641740" level="22" experience="953871" money="107266662" savedRatingID0="8" savedRatingValue0="151" savedRatingID1="9" savedRatingValue1="3870719" lastBonus="2" friendsUnlocked="1" reorganizeUnlocked="1" sidebarDefaultOpen="1" />


Edit from money="107266662" to money="1000" or whatever number till 4 figures, the best way to do is to hit the end of the number and tap backspace till you got 4 figures

9) if you're done click save
10) Do the same process to the second file (in my case: 12233162692869245960042748609221675691B)

respring your springboard!

1) Open the "Tapped Out" app
2) Log in with your Origin EA account
3) Check the money that you have needs to be "1000"
4) If you have the "1000", click on Build button and it will work, since the crash occur on 8 figures and more.

I Jacked up! Help?
1) close the game, close the progres of the game.
2) remember those files you backup on ifile step 4? copy those 2 files,
3) go to the "save" map, delete those corrupt 2 files and paste to 2 files you just copied,
4) open the game it will sync correctly again
5) repeat step 1 of ifile. if you wanna take another shot


  • KrustyBrand
    15340 posts Member
    edited October 2012
    Congrats to you above.. (if this works for everyone..)
    My fix is this <snip>

    Very interesting post. I should point out that the majority of gamers are not using jail broken devices. And for those of us using iOS 6, if I understand correctly, there doesn't even yet exist the possibility of an untethered jailbreak. It would be nice if someone could extrapolate this fix to the more general case.
  • Jbennett4624
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    edited October 2012
    If you dont have jail break use

    1 use iFunBox

    2 follow the exact same instuctions

    3 instead of respringing just turn off your device and turn it back on.
  • KrustyBrand
    15340 posts Member
    edited October 2012
    If you dont have jail break use
    1 use iFunBox
    2 follow the exact same instuctions
    3 instead of respringing just turn off your device and turn it back on.

  • stuz20
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    edited October 2012
    I can confirm that the non jailbroken method works, you may have to be prepared to copy the 2 files mentioned to your desktop, and keep copying them into the 'saves' folder in the iFunBox window until it accepts those as the current game save.

    I found that when I did it, the game recreated the files on my device every couple of seconds, making the ability to edit them both and save before the next refresh almost impossible. I also know that the OP of these instructions mentions closing the game before attempting this, but on my device this cleared out the cache/saves folder within 5 seconds and again was impossible to edit in that time frame. Using the files from the desktop meant I could drop them on to the device quicker than editing the files..

    Hope that helps anyone.
  • edited October 2012
    HELP! Ive tryed the non jailbrake method over and over again but it wont work because when i finally get the two save files edited and saved before it refreshes the stats, it crashes during syncronisation while booting the app. im rebooting my phone after every attempt (as the subsitution of respringing) but its not working. Can anyone give a more detaild description on how to do it no jailbreak? i am playing annonomysly (not signed in to EA) if that makes a diffrence. Help would be greatly appreciated as ive been stuck like this for over a week now. Thanks in advance!

    im using an iPhone 4s ios 6.0 non jailbroken
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