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10 Year Old copy of the Springfield Shopper

I am cleaning and going through various bits and junk, remodeling and such, where amidst a 1981 Olympic pin and 2008 Disney memorabilia I happen upon a Ten year old copy of the **** newspaper.
Here's an excerpt (trust me it's well worth the read):

Critic's Corner
By Homer Simpson

Okay, we all know that I have fallen behind in my reviews for this paper. I'm sorry. When I left off, I was just about to review Star Wars, so here goes...

I was late to the movie theater because my car at the time was an old, rusty piece of junk.
I still have it, but at least now it has some sweet dice hanging from the mirror.

So when I got to the theater, the only seat was between two fat guys. How come that always happens to us regular folks? I barely had any room to put my extra-large popcorn, foot-long hot dog, and supreme nachos.

But then the movie started, and I was swept off of Earth to Tatooine, a distant planet that looks like New Mexico. For those of you who aren't familiar with Star Wars, it's a parody of Spaceballs

Lots of story stuff happens, and I'm not sure who was what and which guy was who. I do know that there's this "Death Star," which Darth Vader is having a hard time trying to get built. Lousy contractors! I tried to make that joke to Darth, but he couldn't hear me.

Later, I saw Barney, and we had a few beers n the parking lot. I was a little tipsy at that point, so I had trouble finding the theater again. When I walked in, the movie had changed a lot. Some guy called "Indiana Jones" was being chased by the biggest rock I ever saw! It was amazing! This concludes my review of Raiders of the Lost Ark

Next week : Star Wars

I'm pretty sure this was from the Simpsons Movie DVD box that appeared almost a decade ago.
I actually found it very funny, and it felt like classic Simpsons, which makes it sad when compared to the newer episodes...not that great, compared to well this.


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