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Egg pact friends wanted

Ok, having just unlocked the whacking day event and had a play around, I did some maths and do not like the odds of getting eggs by chance because of how few you get and how many friends most people now have.

Thus I make anyone who is interested this offer:

Add me as a friend and post your username here, and I will priorities what eggs I have for you guys and girls. I will aim to be fair and give everyone who has made the pact with me eggs, and work my way through the group so that everyone gets some eggs before I start over.

Seeing as how quickly these threads fall off the first few pages and don't get seen again, I do not expect there to be too many takers, so you should get a fair few eggs from me every day.

So who is interested?

Ps, just to add, if you are already friends with me, let me know all the same so I don't delete you and also so you can your fair share of eggs from me.
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