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"Your other device didn't save your Springfield"

Press Play Now.


  • the_oafish
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    edited April 2013
    "please sign into that device before playing"

    Options are "okay" and "play now"

    I do not have another device. I play on my ipod. What should I do? I'm on level 25 or something, I really don't want to lose everything.


    I'm having a similar problem.

    My Samsung broke a week ago and went back to be repaired under warranty.

    When it came back, I downloaded the app again, but it doesn't recognise any of my e-mail addresses. I too got to about level 24 or 25 and don't want to have lost all my progress.

    When I originally started playing two months or so ago, I never got a prompt to log-in, and my device always took me straight to my town. I didn't create an origin log-in until asked by the app this time and wanting to post on here. In fact i didn't even know you needed an origin log-in until today.

    In order to fix my Samsung, the provider had to wipe everything back to factory settings under the data protection act, so is there a good chance my town and all my progress is completely gone?
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