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The Weird Al mini quest

Is there any benefit to completing these other than Al's ability to go on hip hop jobs? I'm only 40,000 away from manager Cletus so don't need Al's hip hop ability and I'd rather send the characters Al needs to earn cash or rail yard stuff, but just want to make sure I'm not missing something obvious!


  • There could be prizes later on by sending characters to the stages. You might need Al at some point. Better to complete than to not complete and regret.
  • On my main i completed all 3 but mainly because I have sherry and terri. On the other accounts I havent bothered and for now there's no real difference.

    The Weird Al characters dont earn Bling from performing, just lost revenvue. I would say dont bother unless you have sherry and terri cause for no there's no obvious boost
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