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Something to spend Halloween treats on please DEVS

It would be a really cool gesture if Devs bought out our treats for doughnuts on Nov 1. Maybe not a 1:1 ratio but even a 10:1 would still be nice. I am going to have around 1000+ unused treats by then so I hope they just don't go away.


  • mdfriend
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    edited October 2012
    Yeah, I am in the same boat, not completed, but at this pace will have 1000 treats. My guess is they disappear and oh well, but maybe, just maybe they will have an update in a week or two with a few more things, would be nice.

    I would not hold your breath on treats to donuts, at least not on a 10:1 basis, that would be 100 donuts for a lot of people, that is quite a chunk for them, I would guess more on a 100:1 or 1000:1 basis, and with getting 1 per level I would guess closer to 1000:1.

    Would be a nice gesture though
  • mitsuhoney
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    edited October 2012
    When I logged in awhile ago, I was getting updates so I got a bit excited that maybe they might have added more Halloween items but sadly no, for the time I dont mind as I am still waiting to build the Bad Dream House and Heck House and also hope to get enough treats to buy the Burns Monster to complete the collection.
  • joshhuffman
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    Since its a "social game for crying out loud" and donuts are the golden goose not to be freely given it would be nice to gift treats to others if they mean nothing to others that have gone through all the Halloween quests.
  • Spliffton
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    edited October 2012
    Great idea. I agree providing us another option with the treats would be a nice addition. I have the whole character set now along with the 2 cemeteries, a mausoleum, the House of Evil, and the Heck House facade. The Bad Dream House is 13 hours away from completed construction and yet I already have 32 treats.

    These seem to now be kind of pointless although I'm sure if later quests come from the Mayan God, Raven, Krusty doll, or Burns monster then I will want them. It just doesn't seem like treats will be needed to complete any more Treehouse of Horror XVIII tasks.

    Free donuts for treats (at any ratio) sounds like a great dream... some people might be able to attain enough treats to cover their entire Christmas Springfield theme... :shock:

    I would really like to be able to do something like drop a treat basket off on a player's map (providing me an option of how many treats to put inside) so as a better thank you than wrapping 20 trees and throwing 20 eggs. I have cleaned up 9 wrapped trees in my Springfield before without a single treat while other times receiving 3 treats for cleaning 4 trees. Its nice to do yet never guaranteed to give your target the gift you sent. If I could drop off a "treat basket" by a neighbor's Simpson house (that couldn't be tapped by other visitors) I think they could get a better message that I'm trying to directly help them.

    This could be the beginning of a "trade/give" system I have seen some players show interest towards. I could see a situation where a friend convinces a friend to try the game out and provides him with a quick $250,000 in-game currency to help with those early on, broke days of making a single house/building/land purchase at a time only to go back to zero funds. This also allows an option to dump off some items gained from the 5 day mystery box tucked in inventory that may be better off in an earlier Springfield like a gazebo, park bench, or angel topiary. EA wouldn't have to allow the trade of premium items in order to keep them special and "premium," but allowing us to help others with smaller stuff might help to bolster the game community.

    One last idea is the ability to go lazy parent Halloween style in the way everyone loved as a kid... place a bowl of treats on the doorstep with the rule of 1 treat per visitor. Yeah, we all remember how well that worked with how the first kid on the scene almost always walked away with a bunch of treats... If I could put my reserve treats in a visitor community bowl I have no doubt in my mind the same thing would happen here... lol
  • Karmakhazi
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    Bump :D
  • TheThrashMan
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    Double Bump
  • KrustyBrand
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    Why are we bumping this thread? It's been discussed to death.
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