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OT - Eggs

i cook the bacon then cook the eggs in the bacon grease :drool:


  • VxMarmitex9
    956 posts
    edited April 2013
    Fried Egg with chips and bread

    Scrambled egg on toast with baked beans

    Poached egg with bacon, toast, sausages with brown sauce

    Ketchup on Omelets!
  • mwdalton
    11548 posts Member
    edited April 2013
    I cut sausages up into 3rds, and then have a little dipping tomato sauce, and fried eggs, with toast, and fried tomatoes.

    Oooh, and cheese and garlic omelette, with salami in it!
  • FrinksIntern
    282 posts
    edited April 2013
    Sriracha sauce man...

    I'm exactly like Homer with spicy food, allways lookg for the next challenge :twisted:


    (Ps. I do have ghost pepper salsa like the pepper in this episode. Sooooo good :mrgreen:)
  • PhenomTT
    478 posts
    edited April 2013
    Made in to a Denver omelet, or a meat-lovers omelet..
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