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Missing Krustyland Rides


I've been playing the game a while now and have had all Krustyland tasks completed, however, I seem to be missing a couple of rides. The rides I'm missing are Twirl n' Hurl & Magic Elves Ride. I've not had any task come up that would require building the ride, so was wondering if there was a way to go about getting these rides.

Not sure where to post this topic in the forum so I posted it here.


  • Hi and welcome to the forum. Both of these rides were limited time and cannot currently be obtained. Maybe they will be rereleased at some point in the future. The last quest line building in Krustyland is the toothchipper.
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  • That's a shame, was hoping there was a way to get them but hey ho, I'll just have to hope they get released in the future. As mentioned, all Krustyland quests are completed and I'm now in the process of making it look rather nice (if I do say so) and was hoping to be able to add the missing rides to complete that.

    Thanks for the help Muhsterino.
  • I finished KL over a year ago and there has been nothing offered since. I think it's done. I still visit and collect tickets a couple times a day as that seems to fix glitches in my SF but that's about it. Personally, I'm happy that they're spending our time on SF as KL is a whole different game and doesn't interest me that much. Feel sorry for the players that like it though.
  • I'm hoping for a THOH that's entirely in KL!
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  • 4junk3000 wrote: »
    I'm hoping for a THOH that's entirely in KL!

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  • I'd also love more to do in Krustyland but deep down I suspect that we'll never get it as the developer seems to have given up on it much to my regret.
  • Didn't some Springfield people have to go to Krustyland to look for some ROSA parts? Was that the last time Krustyland was used?
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