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White eggs in my town.... need help please

Complete the task "Whacking Day Pt 1" and all will become clear


  • Burnin_TODI
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    Homer and Lisa need to finish a 24hr task related to whacking day.....then you can crack the eggs for snakes.
  • chrisp530
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    Rattley06 wrote:
    I've been working away and just recently updated and there's lots of white eggs in my town but I can't do anything with them, is there a certain point you can start collecting them?

    You have to whack them to release snakes. Once Homer and Lisa finish, click the snake icon to enter Baton Mode, and crack those eggs, then whack the snakes that come.
  • Rattley06
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    edited April 2013
    Thank you everyone,
    I've been in the middle of nowhere and no one has heard of wifi let alone what an iPad is so appreciate the help!!
    Happy whacking!!
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