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A couple questions

jiffypark wrote:
New player here. A couple things I need cleared up

Is the TP/eggs worth holding onto for any reason or is it purely there to use towards vandalizing others' Springfields.
Not yet, but maybe they mean something in the future. I wouldn't worry about it tbh
jiffypark wrote:
Has everyone in the higher levels that have a good chunk of all the major buildings pretty much guaranteed to have put at least $50 into donuts or used jailbroken cheats?
The games been around for a few months, so they might be legit.
But donuts don't cost that much so they might have.
jiffypark wrote:
Lastly, is there a way of trading items amongst other players?
Im semi-new to this game, too. I haven't encountered any but there might be one.


  • mdfriend
    1330 posts Member
    edited October 2012
    Overall the TP and Eggs are to vandalize, though you will want to keep 10 of each as you will eventually receive a quest that requires 10 of each. There is no better or worse for spending them all on one or spread out from my experience. You will receive treats for vandalizing.

    I put money in, but I have all the premium items because I am greedy with no self control. As for having the major buildings, you mean the ones that do not cost donuts? Yes, I have only sped time up maybe three times with donuts, that is a waste. Otherwise with time you will get all of the available buildings, just not the ones that cost donuts. And no, you will have to play a long long long time to manually get 200 donuts, there is no big payout.

    There is no way of trading amongst players that I know of.

    Good luck
  • Nine9Nines
    930 posts New member
    edited October 2012
    Theres one quest down the road where you'll need to use 10 tp and 10 eggs on your neighbors to pass it, but aside from that, there's no special use for them. Just use them as you please aside from that. You do occasionally get treats for vandalizing neighbors, so there is a reason to use them at your leisure.

    No big donut payout as you continue. Basically, you get one every time you level up, and there are currently 22 levels. More levels will eventually be released, but it's likely that you'll have to save for a very long time to get some of the more expensive premium items.

    No way of trading with other players either, currently. My guess is thats not something they're actively pursuing.
  • adruralo
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    edited October 2012
    The TP and eggs become a quest for Devil Flanders 2 this triggers the house of evil.
    But mostly they are used to vandalise friends springfields that give a good righteousness rating.
    Some have paid money to purchase some premium buildings as it is impossible to gain so many donuts in the game. For example Volcano lair is 200 donuts. The most donuts I have achieved and I'm at level 22 is 64.
    You don't need these premium buildings to progress through the game, but if you can afford to spend the money for donuts, they are nice items to have in your Springfield, for example I have Duffs brewery and Finks laboratory.
    I know not of jail broken devices to obtain donuts free, to me that's just cheating.
    And there is no way you can trade between other players.
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  • Nine9Nines
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    edited October 2012
    I've got 70 donuts at level 21. The only donuts I spent were the ones they forced me to spend in the tutorial, and four I accidentally wasted tapping too fast.

    Don't forget to do the Homer trick. Tap on him to bring up his job list, and then while his job list is up, tap on his character 8-10 more times to obtain the Jebidiah Springfield statue and ten free donuts.
  • jiffypark
    7 posts
    edited October 2012
    Thanks everyone. One more I thought of...I'm doing the "brown house" trick where I set up a big field of them to get the quick $$/xp and I'm wondering, does this only generate when I actually have the active screen up and am clicking on the dollar signs or does the $$/xp build up even during idle time? I'd just like to know how proactive I need to be in clicking those or if I can let them build up and do it once a day or so.
  • HsueEEE
    233 posts
    edited October 2012
    i believe you need to proactively click. If you hit it for 1 hour, its $100 per house per hour. So if you got like 10, thats $1,000 right there. thats with brown house. Other houses dont make as much as the brown house per hour...
  • Nine9Nines
    930 posts New member
    edited October 2012
    Yeah, you only make money when you collect from them, so just having them and not collecting regularly will lessen their value.
  • s_gaitandjiev
    18 posts Member
    edited October 2012
    well you need 10 donuts and 10 eggs(save the eggs they are a bit hard to earn as i earn only 2 or 3 from both cemeterys) for the devil flanders quest that unlocks the house of evil. Donuts are very hard to earn and the only non premium app in cydia that i know of is the one that gives free in app purchases to every game(doesn't work on every game).If you want jailbreak your i device it's much cooler jailbroken the only think is it performance gets bad after a few months
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