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XP not working properly

YES! I honestly just said this to my girlfriend, it seems as if EA doesn't want you to keep levelling, so they mysteriously hold back some of your XP. It is a great ploy because who can really keep track of that many little tasks. I know it's not going properly to because I leveled from 25-26-27 way faster than I can even get just this bar filled up, and it is quite annoying.


  • P003htb
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    This happenned to me too. I had a bunch of xp, then it got reset after I left the game and came back to it.
    Shame :(
  • edited April 2013
    It stays as long as you don't leave the screen (visit friends, close program, etc).

    I was stuck at 92000 of like 204000. I bought enough weather stations to give me my level and got my 3 donuts. When I re-entered the game my exp had jumped from 1000/240000 back up to 92000/240000, so the exp number seemed to be fixed at that spot, even if I levelled up again. Interestingly though, after I visited all my friends today my exp is now stuck at a new value, just over 100000, so some exp seems to stay while other exp sources do not. Definitely a strange bug.
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