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Placing White Spotlight Glitch?!

I had bought nearly 400 white spotlights over the course of the event. I have just placed 100 of them in my SF and was looking forward to getting a few bonuts with my XP Collider turned on. After I had placed them, nothing! NO XP, nada! Not sure if I've done something 'wrong' but it seems strange to me.
I had bought and placed 3 spotlights midway through the event and noticed that the XP for each one was pretty decent (~ 26,000 for me), so I was looking forward to gathering up some more donuts for Hallowe'en. Has this happened to anyone else?


  • I had the same thing happen with turrets (which I had some in inventory, placed them another made more....no xp for any). But when. I crafted white lights, and placed them I got xp no problem... The difference being that I had no white lights in my inventory.

    Wonder if it's a glitch relating to craftiness in inventory...
  • hatchet669
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    They took away the bonus donuts last night when the event ended. So they might have taken away the XP also for the white lights.

    ETA: i just bought one and placed it and i got XP. Do you have a lot in your storage? you might be placing the ones you placed before and not the new ones you bought. Might have to put them all out in order to get the XP from the new ones.
  • Thanks @hatchet669. Since writing this thread this morning, I have bought, and placed, 6 spotlights and they have all given me XP. But I'm pretty p-ed off that I now seem to have almost 400 of them still in storage that don't look like they're going to give me anything upon placement. This is the first event that I've done this (i.e. deliberately crafted things with the intent of gathering a big pile of XP once the event ends) Have stored crafted items always done this in the past, or is just my bad luck?!
  • Might be a bit of a drudge but if it was me I'd find somewhere and place every single last one of them out, just to make sure...The ones you bought and placed were probably placed direct from 'sale' and so gave XP whereas the others, like @hatchet669 was saying, may only give out the XP ones after ones that have been previously placed are brought out again
  • Thanks @Dougie_Powers_17 , think this is what I'll do. Earlier on (before I wrote), I took out and placed exactly 100 and got zilch. Don't suppose there's any harm in now placing all 400 (they're tiny so don't take up much space) and see what happens.
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