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Keep losing snakes whilst whacking!

same thing is happening to me. this sucks.


  • poke056
    4 posts
    edited April 2013
    Ive heard of people losing snakes because of lisa, but i hadnt lost any until i got my whacking license... Weird.
  • chunkubis31
    12 posts
    edited April 2013
    yeah i just cleared my friends list. wanted to see if it still happens. The only people i'll add are people that will NOT send lisa to my place.

    If you want a friend that is not going to send lisa to your place, add me. chunkubis31
    all i ask is that you do the same for me. Im a daily player and will help out friends to get all the goals for whacking day.
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    edited April 2013
    Its seems to be a bug. If you have the free license you may only wack 5 snakes every 24 hours in each neighbors town. If you have the premium license you can wack 10 snakes every 24 hours.

    However, more than your limit of snakes will appear in a friends town after you have wacked your limit. If you wack more than your limit in any town in 24 hours the game then penalizes or strips the snakes away from you. Not sure why but its tested and seems to be the problem. Unlike the graffiti and buildings money (3 daily actions) there is no counter for how many snakes you wack, and the game does not disable the snakes from appearing once you reach your daily snake limit.

    Best practice is this: start in a town which you have not visited in 24 hours. Keep track of how many snakes you wack and do not go over your limit of 5 or 10. After wacking your limit of snakes, tap the three buildings with money or graffiti. The timer will restart at 24 hours and you can come back after that 24 hours has passed and wack your limit of snakes again.

    I've successfully gone through all 85 of my neighbors doing this and have not lost any snakes. Hope this helps!
  • Melies100781
    99 posts Member
    edited April 2013
    Twice today I was close to the 400 and then reverted...I was a 396 then went to 376 just like that....pretty much sucks.
  • osu2008o
    6 posts
    edited April 2013
    I made sure to count how many I whacked in neighbors springfields and never went over 5 and I just lost over 100 snakes after 3 straight neighbor visits.

    Update...visited all of my neighbors and lost close to 300 snakes while doing so. I finished with only about 75 more than started with. Incredibly frustrating.
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  • Melies100781
    99 posts Member
    edited April 2013
    whaaaaaaaat...that's gonna make it hard to catch the 24500 needed...
  • troibien
    22 posts Member
    edited April 2013
    Yup, I'm having the same problem. As soon as i got my license, I went and visited friends. I was counting up 5 snakes per town because there weren't a lot of snakes and I wanted to stick around for that 5th snake and after about 20 towns, I noticed I only had about 406 which I thought was odd, so I started paying attention to the count more. A few times I wouldn't even whack any snakes, but just going into snake mode would deduct from your count. I should easily have close to 600-700 snakes, but now I am at 375. According to that count, I shouldn't even have a license.
  • knikkik
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    edited April 2013
    This is from the stickied post by Simpsons00001
    " On some of your friend visits, snakes are released from your inventory. These snakes are able to be tapped in your friends town, in addition to the 5 or 10 snakes from your License. If you don't have a License, you may want to wait on visiting friends because you will end up losing Snakes without the ability to recollect them. Keep track of how many snakes you "lose"; there will be that many "extra" snakes for you to Whack. If you "lose" Snakes entering a town once, you will "lose" Snakes if you re-enter, so Whack all those Snakes in one visit! "

    If you go into each neighbourhood knowing how many snakes you have, how ever many less your count says when you go to start whacking is how many have been released into this neighbourhood and need to be whacked, plus the 5. You still may lose some of your snake count but only because they are given back as eggs instead. Make sure you keep whacking over the 5, not doing that is what will make your count so much lower, you've lost those snakes forever! No more than 5 new snakes (not from your count) will generate in any town in 24 hrs so don't worry about going over.

    However if you aren't seeing any snakes to whack that sounds like a glitch!
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