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Trapped without WIFI

I've been stuck without WIFI since the weekend. Hopefully I'll be home this evening. I've decided to wait til then to trigger the update because the non WIFI data charges are way beyond ridiculous. I thought that I missed out on making my final in-game booty purchases, but I just got a notification that someone had dropped a lawyer in my town?!
I can't go in to see without performing the update.
So what I'm looking for is some serious OG insight into what the hell is going on.


  • I said *h*, not *f*. Looks worse than it was.
  • Kinda crappy mini event started up. 3 hour tasks but for now Pt 1 has building rewards not new characters. EA will let you buy the 2-3 new premium characters with excellent buildings though so I wouldn't worry. Finishes 26th Sept.
  • Yes, a standard mini-event, and there's no rush to complete it. Typically these events are completed by the weekend so if you get started late it's not a problem.
    Always looking to add active forum members! But please PM me first.
  • heyababy47428
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    Some people probably haven't updated yet since it's not a "forced update" one of your neighborinos is still plugging away doing his visits/lawyer drops.
    I think it's safe to login and get your final crafting/collecting etc, as long as you don't have auto-updates enabled and don't visit the store to update.
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