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County Fair: Premium Walkthrough

League of Lashes Pt. 1

Amber Dempsey starts

Amber Dempsey: Ah, Springfield, my old stomping grounds.
Amber Dempsey: Also, literally the ground where I was stomped out when lightning hit my scepter and lit me on fire...
Amber Dempsey: Time to remind people why I used to be such a “striking” Little Miss Springfield.

Task: Make Amber Dempsey Elevate Profile
Time: 12h

Amber Dempsey: Argh! I don't think I got a single glance! Not even a stomp!

League of Lashes Pt. 2

Amber Dempsey starts

Amber Dempsey: Hey you two, wanna impress your friends by talking to a former Little Miss Springfield?
Bart: Do you want to impress YOUR friends by talking to two future Collection of Conquerors gaming champions?
Milhouse: The finals are tomorrow, so we're watching livestreams to study up.
Amber Dempsey: As in competition? Give me that myPad, I want to see what this is about.
Amber Dempsey: *blinks repeatedly*
Milhouse: It took my Dad three years to save up for this refurbished one, but I'm sure he won't mind getting a new one once I tell him a girl blinked at me.

Task: Make Amber Dempsey Watch Game Livestreams
Time: 4h
Location: Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn

League of Lashes Pt. 3

Amber Dempsey starts

Amber Dempsey: People actually like Collection of Conquerors? Isn't it just mindless tapping?
Bart: Hey, the Conquerors world is a rich tapestry of interweaving characters--
Amber Dempsey: So the writers put their hearts and souls into it?
Bart: Let's not go that far. But someone's gotta type out all those words.
Amber Dempsey: Ooh, Meta.
Bart: ...
Amber Dempsey: There's a character in Collection of Conquerors named Meta.
Bart: Oh, yeah. Meta's kind of lazy and overused.

Task: Make Amber Dempsey Train for Competition
Time: 8h

Bart: Wow, I've never seen someone be that good! You don't miss anything!
Amber Dempsey: After years of wearing fake eyelashes, I can hold my eyes open for hours.

League of Lashes Pt. 4

Amber Dempsey starts

Amber Dempsey: Hi, I'd like to sign up for the Collection of Conquerors championship.
Squeaky Voice Teen: Sign-ups are closed.
Amber Dempsey: *blinks repeatedly*
Squeaky Voice Teen: Is something wrong with your eyes?
Amber Dempsey: Just give me what I want!
Squeaky Voice Teen: Ok, jeez!

Task: Make Amber Dempsey Battle in Competition
Time: 4h
Location: Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn

Comic Book Guy: Oh, Amber has dominated by having her avatar, Meta, play a game within the game!
Comic Book Guy: She didn't blink once the whole game!

League of Lashes Pt. 5

Amber Dempsey starts

Amber Dempsey: One more match and I'll add Collection of Conquerors to my already superior list of contest wins.
Bart: Not so fast, “Lash” Gordon. I've studied your game replays and I'm about to set you straight!
Amber Dempsey: What, you don't think I can stand the heat? I was struck by lightning!

Task: Make Amber Dempsey Compete in Finals
Time: 12h
Location: Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn
Task: Make Bart Compete in Finals
Time: 12h
Location: Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn

On job start:
Amber Dempsey: Oh no, he's wearing eye-clamps to keep his eyes open!
Amber Dempsey: There's only one more thing I can try.
Amber Dempsey: Oh Bart…
Amber Dempsey: *blinks repeatedly*

On job end:
Comic Book Guy: El Barto blows his lead, resulting in a humiliating loss!
Bart: No fair! She distracted me!
Amber Dempsey: *blinks repeatedly* Who me?

Quest rewards: $200 and 20 XP

Making Ends Meat Pt. 1

Mary Spuckler starts

Mary Spuckler: Come one, come all, the Springfield Opry House is now open for business!
Bart: Mary, you're back in town! How did you get a job working here?
Mary Spuckler: Not workin' -- ownin'! I inherited it from my late husband, God rest his soul patch.
Mary Spuckler: And don't let the name fool ya, Oprah don't live nowhere close to this Opry House.

Task: Make Mary Spuckler Manage Opening Night
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Opry House
Task: Make Cletus Go to Opening Night
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Opry House
Task: Make Springfielders Go to Opening Night [x5]
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Opry House

On job start:
Mary Spuckler: That'll be five dollars, Pa.
Cletus: Whoa, what is this, the Springfield Opry MANSION? We ain't gots that kind of money!
Mary Spuckler: Well, dang. I suppose I could take one of yer chickens you're holdin' as payment instead. Why you brought a chicken to a concert anyway?
Cletus: If the band is bad I like to pelt ‘em with fresh eggs instead of rotten. I ain't a monster.

Making Ends Meat Pt. 2

Mary Spuckler starts

Mary Spuckler: Opening night was a roarin' success! There were more cousins here than the last Spuckler wedding, when my sister married David Rosenstein.
Mary Spuckler: They're not ALL Spuckler-Spuckler weddings.
Bart: How much did you rake in?
Mary Spuckler: Let's see... a brood of chickens, a kine of cows, a skulk of foxes…
Bart: How about a wad of cash?
Mary Spuckler: I couldn't rightly charge my kin!
Bart: How do you plan to keep the lights on?
Mary Spuckler: Maybe I can pay the electric man with a murder of--
Bart: --crows?
Mary Spuckler: Right, a murder of "crows".

Task: Make Mary Spuckler Cancel Her Hit on the Electric Man
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Opry House
Task: Make Mary Spuckler Figure Out How to Make Ends Meet
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Opry House

Making Ends Meat Pt. 3

Mary Spuckler starts

Mary Spuckler: I tried everything -- downsizin', refinancin', even cookin' the books.
Bart: They must've tasted terrible.
Mary Spuckler: No, Bart, they tasted okay, but I couldn't bring myself to falsify my finances after I finished eating.
Mary Spuckler: I'm sure in need of rescue. Wait, that's it! And to think it's been staring me in the face this whole time!
Goat: *blank stare*

Task: Make Mary Spuckler Serenade Wildlife
Time: 1h

Mary Spuckler: I got a pocket full of debt and a sack full of critters.
Mary Spuckler: Now I'll tell rich folks they's “rescue animals” and guilt them into buyin' ‘em from me!

Making Ends Meat Pt. 4

Mary Spuckler starts

Mary Spuckler: Excuse me, Dr. Hibbert, would you like to buy this goat from me?
Dr. Hibbert: *chuckles* Now what would I want with a goat?
Mary Spuckler: Yeah, I guess you're right. He is a pretty worthless animal...
Mary Spuckler: Sorry, Mr. Goat, guess it’s off to the glue factory for you.
Goat: *blank stare*
Mary Spuckler: Today's not your day to be... rescued.
Dr. Hibbert: Wait a minute, this is a rescue animal?! Why didn't you say so! I can use it to rub in my friends' faces! How much do you want for him?

Task: Make Mary Spuckler Pay Some Bills
Time: 8h
Location: Shops

Mary Spuckler: Boy, people around this town sure like to rescue animals.
Mary Spuckler: Too bad my Pa ain't a donkey, he'd be rollin' in the dough instead of livin' in squalor.
Mary Spuckler: Now let's see if all this money I made can't lure Oprah to move into my Opry House after all...

Quest rewards: $200 and 20 XP

Style Guide

Auto starts

Marge: Ooo, finally an alternative to Jake's!
Marge: Now when one place messes up my hair, I don't have that gut-wrenching decision of whether or not I say something.
Marge: I've got another place to go to complain and get it fixed at the same time!

Task: Make Marge Get Hair Fixed Up
Time: 2h
Location: Turn Your Head and Coif

Rocket Science

Auto starts

Bart: I remember this! It's awesome!
Lisa: That doesn't look very safe. The force applied to the pods could exceed the structural integrity of the bolts holding them to the frame.
Bart: The only force that needs to be applied is my ❤️❤️❤️❤️ to the “On” button!

Task: Tap the Paralyzer

Dangerous Combination

Auto starts

Martin: Oh! My trusty harvesting friend has arrived.
Martin: But this time I will hide the keys so Bart does not destroy the countryside with it.
Bart: About that… I may have already driven through the Springfield Scarecrow Exhibit.

Final Tour

Auto starts

Groupie: So, does anyone remember where we parked the van?
Hipster: As the most dedicated fans, I was assuming we would be the last to leave so it would be the last vehicle in the lot.
Millenial: I thought we took a -
Copyright Lawyer: *clears throat*
Millenial: "Smart device ride-share service."
Copyright Lawyer: Phrase approved.

Task: Tap the Millennial
Task: Tap the Hipster
Task: Tap the Groupie
Task: Tap the Copyright Lawyer
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