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Innovating mini-games

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So this is just my opinion but the mini games have been a little lack luster. I think the greatest thing of this game is Matt Groenings art. The story is filler and tapping NPC's for currency as well as the mini objective we get is gets highly repetitive.

The characters behind the art are the people that really bring this animation to life. But the events where the big shibang of 42 days hit and every day we are tapping NPC's, assigning task missions, or a mini-game. Now the seek and find is not terrible. And task missions will always be there. But mini games should evolve into something more intricate and satisfying.

So here you can give some ideas to a type of mini game you'd like to have in the game. Feel free to comment any opinion you have. I'll start with something like this.

1. Ok for the gamers... member back in 2k football they had mycrib? Well my thoughts are to include diversity. I was thinking of like a home base room that you could fill with memorbillia. What we all need is a memorbillia room lol. Have grids for the wall and floor to set things down. It won't be a overlooked view but a view as if your there looking. Posters, limited time art, bobble heads, anything that you could think of that has high value and rememberance.

2. As I say diversity is the option I'd really like for people to have to really get a option of customization. Perhaps a mini that's part of a full. And the mini involves creating your own springfielder. And part of the mini is try to acquire items for your springfielder. Even if it's something that is as simple as selecting boxes to see what they hold. Collecting a couple of the same box items to create a cap, glasses, or a tie dye shirt.

Just something like these two suggestions to create a town with your own stamp. Having a touch of you in it and what your likable preferences are.

P.S. not to say the mini games are bad. Just with the nature of everything else to the game I just wish there is something more intricate or satisfying.


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